Best haircuts for round faces

The best haircuts to suit people with a round face play down the width of the face and help make it look longer. Extremely short hairstyles are inadvisable, but long styles can work well. People with a round face also look attractive with bangs rather than without a fringe.

Long bob

A classic bob swept to the side of the face, ending an inch or so beneath the line of the jaw, lessens the appearance of roundness and creates the illusion of length. People with wavy hair will find a romantic bob, which ends at the middle of the back of the neckline, will suit them best with bangs swept to the side falling somewhat over one eye.

Curly bob

A curly bob ending below the jaw suits people with a round face. A parting is made to the side of bangs, rather than in the middle, to help create the appearance of length to the face.

Angled bob

Angled bobs are suitable for people with straight, fine hair. Bangs are swept to the side at an angle so that one eye and part of one side of the face are partially covered. The angle of the haircut takes the edge off the roundness of the face. A bob should end roughly two inches below the jaw.

Medium shag

Medium shags end above the shoulders and have long bangs that end below the eye line. A parting is made off-center and long layers cut into hair to create a choppy effect.

Rock-star shag

Rock-star shags are similar to medium shags but with longer layers. The first layer finishes where the ears end. Hair is razor cut so that there are no smooth edges and a textured, slightly jagged look is acquired.

Long hair with bangs

Long hairstyles with a fringe suit people with a round face, but bangs need to be choppy rather than blunt. Side swept or layered bangs look best. If hair is thin, long layers can help add volume to balance a round face shape.

Medium length hair with long layers

A versatile hairstyle with volume can be created by cutting long layers into hair. Layers can be made all over, rather than just at the sides of hair, and bangs made to fall just below eye level. People with a round face shape have many hairstyles from which to choose. A suitable style for them can be selected by taking the texture of their hair and preference of length into consideration. By adopting a choppy, layered hairstyle with bangs swept to the side different variations of an attractive look can be created.