Haircut for Fine Hair

Do you have fine hair that’s difficult to manage? No matter how you style it, does it still look limp and devoid of body? Although fine hair may also be thin, this isn’t necessarily the case. Some people have fine hair that’s quite thick, meaning they have lots of hair, but the diameter of each individual hair strand is thin. Hair that’s both fine and thin can be particularly challenging to manage since it can look and feel like you have no hair. If you’re wrestling with the problem of fine hair and looking for a new style, which one should you choose? What’s the best cut for fine hair? When choosing a cut for fine hair, it’s important to work within the boundaries of your particular hair type. Fine hair isn’t going to be coarse no matter how many styling products are applied. Some women with straight, fine hair try to alter the texture by getting a perm, but this usually creates more problems than it solves. Fine hair is prone to damage and breakage from harsh chemical treatments. The result? Fine hair that’s also broken and damaged. Keep in mind that some haircuts work better for fine hair than others. The right cut can often dramatically change the appearance of even the finest hair. Here are some tips for choosing the best cut for fine hair.

Best cut for fine hair: Take off some length

Sometimes cutting a few inches off of fine hair will give it the lift it needs to look fuller. If you’ve always had long hair, there’s no need to make a drastic change. Start by taking off an inch or two and see if it gives your hair more volume. If you plan on keeping fine hair longer, cut the ends as bluntly as possible to add fullness. If you’re still not satisfied, you can always cut more. Don’t take off too much hair too quickly if you’ve always been a long haired gal.

Best cut for fine hair: Try a bob

A bob may be the perfect cut for fine hair. The crisp, clean cut lines add fullness and the shorter length gives fine hair additional lift. The length of a bob should be dictated by face shape. An oval face with good bone structure and a defined chin can be enhanced by a shorter bob that hits at the mid cheek level, while a weaker chin looks best with a bob that hits below chin level. A graduated bob is another option to add additional body and definition to fine hair. Bangs can be used to camouflage a high forehead or accentuate the eyes. It can be helpful to try on wigs that are cut into a bob style to see which cut is most flattering to your face before getting the actual haircut.

Best cut for fine hair: Add some layers

Layers, particularly around the crown, can add additional volume to fine hair. When hair is layered at the crown, it can be blown dry with a round brush to add additional height and lift. Layering is best for fine hair that’s not thin since layering removes hair and can make very thin hair look even thinner. Consider going shorter, to at least shoulder length, if you have hair that’s both fine and thin and you want to add layers.

Best cut for fine hair: Add some highlights

Once you have the perfect cut, consider adding highlights to your hair. Hair coloring coats the hair and enhances the texture, giving subtle to body to limp, fine hair. Plus, strategically placed highlights can give the illusion of having more hair. Don’t try to do this yourself. Have it done professionally. Remember, fine hair doesn’t have to be limp hair. Choosing the right cut for fine hair can make all the difference in how your hair looks and feels.