Haircut for Square Faces

Some of the most beautiful women in the world have a square face. However, they also have a great deal of expert advice as to how to make the best of their appearance. Being in the spotlight means that they have to look sensational all the time, which is why they usually sport fabulous hairstyles to suit their face shape. If you want to follow suit and adopt a premium haircut, you need to take your strong jaw line and the width of your face into consideration when selecting a haircut and style.


Bangs suit you, which is great as they are fun and versatile. Nonetheless, you cannot successfully wear blunt bangs cut straight across, as they will make your face look wide. Side-swept bangs, on the other hand, look fantastic on you, especially when they are feathered and soft against your face. Keep a side parting in your hair, and brush your bangs just above your eyebrows to the side.


Layers are terrific additions to any haircut your have as they add movement, texture and balance to your face. Feminine layers are far better for you than a straight, flat hairstyle that will make your facial structure look severe.


Medium or long hair looks good on you. Unlike a haircut that ends at your jaw line, longer hair will help make your face look slim. You can wear a graduated haircut that is longer at the sides than the back if you prefer a modern appearance, although long hair is always fashionable.


A bob haircut that ends below your jaw will look fabulous on you, allowing your strong cheekbones to show and visually lengthening your face. In a contrasting fashion to most other haircuts that look wonderful on you, bob haircuts can be sleek and without layers and still look stunning with your face shape.

Flowing locks

You can wear a sexy, long, layered haircut with ease. Make sure that your hair has body and texture, and you will be the envy of other women who cannot successfully wear this style as it overwhelms their features. Use heated hair appliances to add waves, curls or any movement to your mane and it will look gorgeous. If you have a square face shape, you are extremely lucky indeed as when you select the right hairstyle you automatically look fabulous. Avoid jaw length, flat hairstyles and choose a haircut with layers, movement and side-swept bangs and you cannot go wrong.