Hairstyle that Minimize Thin Hair

If you want to minimize the appearance of thinning hair and make it look fuller, you can go about achieving your aim in several ways. One method of giving fine hair volume and body is to choose a hairstyle that emphasizes fullness, while helping hide thin patches of hair. Another technique for making thinning hair less noticeable is to adopt a haircut that adds body, resulting in the impression that hair is thicker.

Hairstyle Cuts

To increase the appearance of volume to your hair avoid haircuts that are long and straight. Cut your hair in a style that will help lift it, rather than weighing it down, and add texture and body. Shoulder length hair, or above, is less likely to be as flat and heavy as hair that is long. A bob haircut with bangs can help make thinning hair look thicker, as can hair cut into layers. Texture cut into hair can also help reduce the appearance of thinness. A short urchin or pixie cut, razor finished at the ends to create a jagged edge, can make thin hair appear fuller.

Hairstyling methods

How you style your hair will make a great difference to how thick it looks. To increase the appearance of fullness and body of a bob haircut, rub your wet hair with a towel after washing it. Before finishing the drying process, hang your head down towards your knees and use a hairdryer to dry the roots of your hair. Just before your hair is completely dry, stand up straight and use a wide, round brush with a metallic center to help create lift. Curl the ends of your hair around the brush and apply heat with the hairdryer. The warmth of the dryer will heat up the metallic part of the brush, behaving much like heated tongs. Layered hair can have more fullness added if a smaller round brush is used to create outward flicks or curls away from the main body of hair. Alternatively, attach a diffuser to your hairdryer and scrunch-dry your hair. Diffusers are commonly used for permed hair to help create lift and keep waves in place. Used on fine hair they add volume, which is why they are also sometimes referred to as volumizers.

Hair products

There are various hair products you can use to help make thinning hair appear thicker. Hair thickening lotions can help, as can products that help hair stay in place once styled that add body. You can minimize the appearance of thinning hair by adopting a haircut that lifts, rather than dragging down hair, and styling your hair to create volume.