Tips for a Sleek Look with Keratin Treatment

Sleek tresses continue to be in style and the runways are filled with gorgeous coifs of long, sleek hair that is healthy and head-turning. Of course, many of us would love to have those straight and silky tresses, but natural wave or curl prevents us from getting that long, straight style we desire. If you want to achieve this timeless look, there are a few tips you can make use of.

Straightening Shampoos / Conditioners

Many hair care products are formulated today to help nurture that long, straight look. These products are safe for your hair and designed to loosen the curl of your hair so that the strands fall into a straightened pattern. As a tip, however, try to use hair straightening shampoos and conditioners that do not contain any alcohol. This ingredient will dry out your hair. Instead of silky and smooth hair, you may wind up with more frizz than you bargained for. There are various products available. Talk to your hairdresser to find out more about them and which might be ideal for your style.

Blow Dry Those Straight Locks

Many women prefer to use their hair dryer to straighten their hair. This is effective, but be sure to protect the hair with a leave-in conditioner or serum as the heat from the dryer can definitely dry out the hair leading to split ends and frizz. By using a hair brush and working from front to back, you can dry your hair in sections to achieve a straight look. Simply brush each section while applying the heat from the hair dryer. This is a great way to get a straight look without permanently straightening your hair as some days you may be in the mood for those waves or curls.

Obtain a Keratin Treatment

If you find that you love the look of straight and sleek hair on a regular basis, a keratin treatment will give you that look and last about two to two and half months. This treatment is incredibly popular and ideal for women who want to flaunt this great look all the time without constantly having to work each day to achieve it. Keratin is a natural protein that enhances the hair as it relaxes the curl. The keratin is applied to the hair at the salon and the stylist sets it with a hot iron. The process typically takes about an hour and a half, but it can go longer if you have long hair. Talk to your stylist about it and schedule a consultation. Many women love keratin treatment because their hair remains beautiful and straight regardless of the humidity and without having to spend an inordinate amount of time with a flat iron!

Call Miami’s French Hair Studio to schedule an appointment for your keratin treatment. You’ll love the convenience this treatment affords and you’ll love how it makes your hair look and feel. The French Hair Studio delivers these treatments on a regular basis with style expertise. Let them transform your tresses too!