Rescue Bad Hair Color

Whether you’ve gone to a salon or picked up a hair coloring kit at the corner store, your color might not turn out the way you’d planned. If you’ve discovered too late that inky blue-black makes you look like an extra from a zombie movie, you don’t have to invest in a new wardrobe of hats and scarves. Try these tips to fix a hair color mistake and get back to looking fabulous.

See a Professional

Hair color repair specialists have seen it all, and they can fix any dye disaster you bring them. Expect to devote a large chunk of your day to sitting in a salon chair, especially if you’ve gone too dark. You may also have to wait to see a colorist; To correct your hair color, it’s your best bet for a natural, lasting result.

Try Clarifying Shampoo

If you’re trying to hold onto color, they’re exactly what you don’t want, but to remove color that’s too intense, clarifying shampoos could be your solution. Stylists tell you not to wash your hair for at least a day after coloring because washing too soon strips pigment particles from the hair shaft. You don’t want to give your color that extra time to set if you’re unhappy with it, so lather, rinse and repeat to tone down a shade that’s just a little too much.

Use a Hair Dye Lifter

Color correctors are like erasers for your hair, removing dye particles from within the hair shafts and giving you a blank canvas on which to create your next color masterpiece. Unlike bleaches, these products allow synthetic color to rinse away without affecting naturally occurring pigments. While you won’t recover your natural hair color completely, you can remove most of the unwanted dye and get a fresh start for a new shade. Hair color corrector have a strong smell, so use them in a well-ventilated room. You’ll also need to spend a while rinsing; although it’s quicker than a salon visit, using a dye lifter isn’t something you can do an hour before a special occasion.

Counteract Your Color

For those who are willing to take a gamble, using a new shade over the unwanted color can correct it, but only if you go in the right direction. Red tones and ash shades are opposites on the hair color wheel, so they counteract one another. If your expected auburn came out a shade of burgundy somewhere between cranberry sauce and cherry cola, an ashy brown can take away some of the red’s intensity. Ash shades can go greenish on flaxen hair, but a strawberry blonde will add warmth. Re-dyeing hair with its complementary hue is not an exact science, though, and if you’re at all concerned that you might go too far in the other direction, pass on this tip. It’s one of the quickest solutions if you’re all right with risk.

Own Your Color

Your new shade may be a shock, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong color for you. Sometimes fate plays a hand and shows you a new look that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried. Embrace it and see how it feels to have flaming red or frosty blonde hair. You might need to adjust your makeup to go with your new style. Eggplant purple hair is a serious style commitment that takes an equally bold face, but with some experimentation and a little attitude, you can make it work. Maybe that hair color accident is really more of an opportunity than a mistake.