Tips about male hair Loss

Hair loss is a real issue for about half of all adult men and a cause for worry for the other half. While a total cure for a man’s hair loss or baldness is unlikely, there are some things that he can do to delay the onset of hair loss and to reduce its impact. However with all the possible options from dietary changes to prescription medications, each man will have to decide for himself what steps to take.

Lifestyle Changes

A man who is losing his hair should consider going with a short hair style. Though a short haircut will not change a person’s hair loss, it will make hair loss less noticeable. A person who is losing hair needs to be gentle with his remaining hair. Rough towel drying, the use of harsh hair products and hair dryers can all accelerate hair loss. Treatment of dandruff and other causes of itching on the scalp is also important as scratching can also contribute to hair loss. Special shampoos are available that add bulk to existing hair to help cover bald spots.

Dietary Changes

A person who is experiencing hair loss should be certain to eat a balanced diet that provides a range of nutrients. In particular, Vitamins B and D, zinc, folate, calcium and iron are believed to be important for hair growth. As with nutrients for other purposes, the best way to encourage hair growth through nutrition is eating better. However, the use of vitamins and other dietary supplements is better than not getting the right nutrients at all. Medical testing for nutrients in the blood may be useful to determine problem areas in a person’s diet as well as uncovering illnesses that may be causing hair loss.

Prescription Drugs

There are currently only two medicines with FDA approval for the treatment of hair loss: Propecia and Rogaine. Propecia is taken in pill form and shows success in the majority of patients with male pattern baldness. Rogaine is a topical ointment applied to the scalp. Rogaine’s success rate seems to be lower than Propecia, but it has fewer side effects and does work for some men. Both products can stop hair loss as well as cause previously lost hair to regrow.

Other Treatments

Hair transplant surgery that moves hair from one area of the head to another is one option for those who are losing their hair to consider. However, transplant surgery is very expensive and multiple procedures are often needed to cover a large area with hair. Toupees are another choice for a guy who is going bald. Modern toupees are much more attractive and less noticeable than those made in the past. In fact, many people might assume that toupees are no longer made as they only rarely see them. However, the reason they are only rarely seen is that the modern toupee provides an almost natural appearance. Though none of the options are perfect for combating hair loss, each of them can be used successfully in some situations. However, most people will lose hair over time and simply cannot have the same amount of hair that they had when they were young. Though no one wants to lose his hair, the truth is that many people find bald men sexy. In fact, many men who have a full head of hair choose to shave it off just for looks. So perhaps worrying about hair loss is not as big of a deal as many people make it out to be.