Balayage Miami

For balayage Miami, there’s no better place to go than the French Hair Studio which specializes in the French-inspired color treatment that has become one of the most sought-after highlight techniques today.  In French, the term ‘balayage’ means ‘sweeping.’  At the French Hair Studio, our expert colorists use a specially created paddle tool to ‘sweep’ color onto the hair.  Unlike the more precise and, therefore, less natural-looking foil-based highlight techniques, balayage Miami treatments achieve a far more natural look that still results in a dramatic appearance though the color treatment can be quite subtle.

Color Wonderful

Balayage treatments are quite popular in Miami as they are elsewhere in the world.  Our clients come in looking for sun-kissed blond highlights or honeyed streams of gold in their hair.  Yet balayage Miami is also favored by brunettes and red heads who want some added highlights in their manes.  Moreover, balayage is a favorite technique among our colorists for covering strands of gray.  Our colorists are among the most revered when it comes to balayage Miami.  Their skill is akin to artistry which is what this technique requires.  The highlights are actually brushed in by the colorist who has great freedom to sweep and sway the color strands for the desired effect.  Their brilliant work is evidenced by the smiles that greet them when their treatment is complete!

Enhance Your Hair’s Natural Beauty

Balayage is once again enjoying resurgence in popularity as styles begin to ebb away from ultra-precise color schemes that can be unforgiving in terms of maintenance and move toward more natural looking coifs that blend colors as if Mother Nature were painting the hair strand by strand.  Our clients often tell us they simply don’t have time to spend days on end at the beach waiting for the sun to provide those dreamed of summer highlights.  Moreover, the sun can scorch hair and leave it dry and brittle.  Instead, our balayage Miami salon can better achieve those highlights in a single session as you relax in your comfortable seat while our brilliant color pros do all the work! Whether your hair is long or short or you are a man or a woman, you can benefit from the extraordinary highlights that balayage treatments afford.  Call our salon to find out more about balayage and schedule an appointment with one of our balayage experts.  You’ll love how the color wakes up your hair.  Don’t forget to find out more about our salon and spa’s other services and treatments.