Hair extensions salons Miami

Just because that extraordinary French beauty Bridget Bardot was able to grow out her luxurious locks doesn’t mean all women can or even have the patience to try!  For this reason, French Hair Studio has built a reputation as one of the finest hair extensions salons miami.  We achieve the hair length our clients desire with skilled artistry that blends extensions with natural hair to achieve a seamless and completely integrated look that gives women the wow factor they desire.

Go Long

As one of the most revered hair extensions salons miami, our hair salon specialists have mastered the art of hair extension.  Practitioners of French style, our hair experts can add instant glamor to your mane to produce that luxurious head of hair you crave.  Imagine how beautiful your gorgeous hair will look tousled by Miami’s sea breezes or how elegant it will appear when pinned into a classic French twist!  Long hair offers so much versatility yet it can take years and years for hair to reach the desired length.  Some women have hair that damages easy or is prone to breakage when it reaches a certain length.  You can bypass your hair’s natural reluctance to grow to your desired length by visiting one of the most skilled hair extensions salons Miami–the French Hair Studio!

Rest Assured

When you schedule an appointment for hair extensions with one of our brilliant hair stylists, you can expect to walk away from your session feeling elated.  We specialize in applying and blending your new hair extensions to create a beautiful style that is utterly designed for you and you alone.  Our clients have their choice, of course, of our hair extension gallery renowned for its impeccable quality and natural appearance.  With an expert eye for color matching, our stylists can extend your hair for weddings, proms, vacations, or simply because you want to experience a head-turning new look. The French Hair Studio is a world-class Miami hair salon and spa that boasts an amazing array of services and treatments.  Schedule an appointment or call with any questions you may have about our hair extensions and how we can achieve the look and style you want.  We can’t wait to help you feel beautiful about yourself!