Hair Cut : your Hair Salon Miami

Conveniently located in Brickell, the French Hair Studio is renowned for its haircuts and styles that are among the most sought-after looks today.  If you long for a celebrity style or a completely one-of-a-kind haircut, we can’t wait to work with you. Whether you are a man or woman interested in a cutting edge coif or a timeless classic look, our hair salon Miami is dedicated to performance excellence with the highest standards of customer care.  If you need a haircut, our hair salon Miami style pros are excited to share their brand of French hair artistry with you.

French Elements of Style

Although our professional staff members are adept at achieving a myriad of styles, they embody a French philosophy regarding beauty and style that often infuses their haircuts and other services by giving clients that je ne sais quoi factor, that Parisian chic that reflects individual self-confidence as well as unmistakable French flair.  Each pro comes to our hair salon Miami with a skilled background and a mastery of haircut techniques; they are then steeped in our French stylings and acquainted with a myriad of European products that complement their ability and add to their prestige in the hair salon industry.

Hair Cuts and Confidence

Whether you opt for a look that is playful and sweet, outrageous and head-turning, or vintage and elegant, we believe you should walk out of our hair salon Miami feeling self-confident and immensely pleased about the way you look.  We bring all of our skill and style know-how to deliver a haircut that is perfect for you and for the way you want to look.  Sometimes our pros will collaborate together to help clients decide on a look that suits their desired appearance.  While we are creative and always open to new styles, we also take historical styles into account to help our clients find the right look, the ideal style! Call our French hair salon Miami to schedule an appointment for your phenomenal haircut today.  From long tresses to coiffed styles, we are thrilled to manage your hair anyway you like.  We also provide a wide range of salon services and spa treatments that embody that French aesthetic our clients love.